Canus Goat's Milk Lip Balm review

Canus is a brand that has picked up a certain popularity in Taiwan with their signature 'goat's milk' based products, from body moisturisers and other body care mostly, then I've also read good things about the lip balm.  It retails for about $4USD or so in Taiwan, very cheap.

Comes in a standard lipbalm tube 4.25g size.

The balm is visibly a waxy and harder consistency.

Ingredient list:

Here's the swatch on the skin- you can see it leaves a thin film. I honestly hated this lipbalm because it's spearmint scented! (not a fan of spearmint at all). Smells just like wrigley's spearmint gum or something. Not to mention the consistency is a bit thin and while it feels slightly cooling on the lips because of the mint, with my sensitive lips it actually irritates it.  For the time it did stay on my lip, it offers literally no moisturising property for my chapped lips.

Probably the first time in a while I've just literally tossed a lipbalm after a few uses!

Overall 1/5. Definitely not in my like list.

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