MAC Dollymix Sheertone Shimmer Blush review/ swatch

I know I'm probably behind the bandwagon a bit, but sorting through some earlier photos and trying to at least review or swatch most of my MAC blushes.

Dollymix is a brightened vibrant pink, it's not quite fuschia but a few tones brighter it would be a hot pink.

Here are the swatches, applied lightly and more heavily. On the skin it's a wash of slightly shimmery strawberry pink. Quite pretty.  I do wish the consistency was a bit better, I'm not sure why but the surface of MAC blushes tend to go a bit funny or crumbly looking after a while (despite I always use a clean blush brush on any makeup).

Overall 3.5/5. I have to say it's not too exciting to be tracked down. Many drugstore brands nowadays would do a bright pink that easily duplicates this.

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