Sofina Aube Nail Lacquer Polish RS207 swatch / review

Honestly this is a short review because this is probably one of the crappiest formulation polish I've used from a Japanese line. Sofina Aube is now discontinued and I don't think they've brought in any nail polish range for the Aube Couture line. This is probably why.

The Sofina polishes are very thin and gluggy at the same time- thin being the consistency while gluggy being how it goes on the nails, it just drags and applies unevenly. This was done after at least several reapplications on a few nails to make it look neat.

RS207 is a standard medium rose pink, has some pearly shimmers. There's nothing much more I could say about the color because it looks rather plain in real life (and better in photos by the look of it).

Applied 2 coats and because of the uneven consistency, still not quite opaque.

Overall 1/5.

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