Stila Duo Convertible Color Lillium / Lip-gloss Petal Shine swatch/ review

Like most makeup users I once had a Stila phase a few years ago too- back when Stila was a cool, chic brand with great colors and gorgeous designs. (Until Estee Lauder bought the brand then it was all down hills).

Found this while I was cleaning up my makeup, this did bring back some good memories!

This was a limited edition Stila duo with half convertible color in shade "Lillium" and half is Stlia's lip gloss in Petal Shine.

Lillium is meant to be a soft pink creme blush (also usable on the lips) while petal shine lipgloss is meant to be  a pink shimmer.

It's basically a paper cardbox packaging with a plastic rim to make it more durable. Flips open but there's no mirror.

On the left is the Lillium convertible color, on the right is petal shine lipgloss.

Here are the swatches. Lillium convertible color is a surprise isn't it, looks dull in the pan but comes out as a soft creamy pink. And once you blend it out, it's a soft pink dewy finish.

The petal shine lipgloss was a bit of a meh for me, it's a mauvey-pink nude shimmer gloss,  bit thick and too much shimmers for my liking. 

Overall I can see why Lillium was always a convertible color that got good ratings on makeupalley.com, it's such a easy to use pink. I know once blended out, depending on your skintone, it may look a bit more generic. However if you saturate a bit more, it does give you that dolly pink cheek look. 

The convertible color isn't so brilliant on the lips especially as the shade does have that pink creme base to it. However it's nice on the cheeks.

Rating is 3/5 for the duo (given the gloss is a fail for me).

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