Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush #07 Soft Candy review/ swatch

I was overseas and accidentally left my blush in the hotel room makeup bag, so I randomly bought a quick cheap blush in the local Watsons .

I picked Max Factor's miracle Touch Creamy Blush in shade #07 Soft candy.

In the pot it looked like a juicy strawberry red, or fresh raspberry sort of shade. It's rather creamy and not too dry, definitely on the more moist side.

Comes in a rather no-frills type of packaging, a bit cheap looking to be honest. It's a screw top cap, which is lightweight to carry, but the screw mechanism is only a few twists so it can be accidentally opened in your handbag if not careful.

Made in Ireland :

Once applied it goes on like a light tint, buildable, and does not appear to be a heavy 'creme' finish that some cream type of blushes can have. (which makes some cream blushes quite hard to blend since if applied on top of foundation , they can ruin the finish of the foundation).

As with most cream blushes, it's probably best applied before liquid or powder foundations. However I find that after using a BB cream or a liquid foundation, I can carefully dot this on, and lightly pat in, without ruining the base makeup.  (Does not work so well over powder foundation though). 

Sometimes I apply a pretty heavy swipe then wait for it to set (like 15 seconds), then apply other liquid foundation or powder foundation, which then tones down the shade.

When blended out, you can see it really sheers down.  I'm not sure what 'soft candy' shade would really translate to, while I was hoping for a true sheer tint of natural red, it actually comes out more like a red coral, maybe it's with my Asian skintone it adds that yellow to the red base so it really looks like a peach coral on my skin.

This is as sheer as it can look when fully blended out below, which really says how buildable it is.

Overall it's a nice cheap blush, the color is nothing special though and the formula is standard, not bad but not brilliant. Rating is 3/5. It's something cheap to try (was like about $6USD in Asia), but in terms of real value for money, I found I got rather bored of this shade after a few weeks (whereas I'd happily hit pan on my Jill Stuart blushes). Also the surface of the blush can get a bit dirty after a while, since it's best applied with finger rather than brush. So it also makes it less appealing in the makeup bag.

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