Chanel Levres Scintillantes Brilliant Extreme Glossimer #217 Red Shine review/ swatch

 Chanel is probably one of my favorite makeup brands- the packaging is lovely, the products are nice, the colors are usually rather elegant and sometimes they can make certain common colors just look a touch extra nice.

Here's a review of the Chanel Glossimer in shade 217 "Red Shine".
This was a limited edition shade.

Like most glossimers, they have shimmers or sparkles. Red Shine is a glossy red with flecks of soft shimmers inside. The shimmers are subtle even though they look more obvious in the tube. They aren't chunky glitters or very different shade to the red gloss base to make it stand out on the lips in a bad way.

Typical sponge tip applicator:

Swatches: you can see the shimmers don't really get picked up in camera, instead it just provides slight extra sparkle.

Lip swatches under 3 different lightings:

Indoor no flash

under the shade in the sun:

Indoor flash in warmer light:

You can see it's a pretty true cherry red shade, a glazed sort of finish, glossy and spreads to a thinner layer if desired or buildable to a thicker glossier finish. Under certain lights it's really quite red and bright. However it is not a scary blood red or bright red. It has its usual Chanel subtlety and elegance about it.

Rating is 3.5/5. I think glossimers are generally slightly too thick for me (however they surpass MAC lipglasses by far since they don't have that sinking into the lip lines and highlighting every single flaky sort of effect). The pigmentation is very decent in this shade as well (some lighter glossimer shades actually have not much color payoff at all).

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