My Beauty Diary: Peach Soda Eye & Lip Makeup Remover review

I can't believe I've almost used this bottle all up- but here's a review of My Beauty Diary Peach Soda Eye & Lip makeup remover.  It's a bit like Lancome Bi-facil, it's a bi-phased eye makeup remover, there's a slightly oily layer on top and a clear layer on bottle. (As you can see from picture below, the top layer is a clear pink shade and bottom is clear).

As you can see I literally used the bottle all up already.

You are meant to shake the bottle before using (like Lancome bifacil and most bi-phased eye makeup removers.

I doesn't have much fragrance inside.

Comes out pretty much as a clear liquid:

Here it is on a few stubborn eye and brow makeup items. From left to right it's Eyeko london Curvy brush mascara , then Shiseido Dramatically eyes long mascara, then Maquillage eye brow wax pencil (forgot shade name). They are all waterproof makeup.

Here it is, just melts off the mascara:

You can see it leaves a slightly shine/ oil residue finish like Lancome bifacil.

All clean below with a few swipes.

It's a great cheap alternative to Lancome Bifacil eye makeup remover, you use about the same quantity, and for stubborn eyemakeup just soak the cotton pad and press against eye for a few more seconds before swiping makeup away. 

In terms of mildness, this is as mild as Lancome bifacil- it doesn't really sting the eyes when some accidentally gets inside my eyes.  Any residue rinses off easily after you use a normal foaming cleanser all over face after makeup removal.

My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese brand which is owned by one of the largest corporations there, these removers are in 130ml bottles and retail for just 10-12USD depending on which country you bought it from. The bottle lasted me 2-3 months with about 5 times a week use.

Overall rating is 4.5/5. It removes as well as Lancome but probably just a tiny bit less potent, you just need to swipe a few seconds extra compared to Lancome, but they are extremely similar.

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