L'Occitane Masque de Riz Purifiant Clarifying Rice Mask (Mattifies and Purifies) review

Generally I have a reasonably good impression about L'Occitane products- I like the brand image, product designs, most of the scents and frequency of new products. 

I've gradually tried a few more skincare products from the line, and this Masque de Riz (Clarifying Rice Mask) is one of them.

Comes in a 75ml squeeze plastic tube. The labels are all paper based and they do get damp and ruined very quickly. It retailed for about 40AUD. 

Loccitane says that this product has exclusive formula and contains a unique cocktail of red rice active ingredients Camargue and three types of natural clays; white, green and pink, to ensure skin is left clean, fresh and kept blemish-free.

Instructions on the back says this Mask purifies combination to oily skin and ensures a long lasting matte and velvet finish. To use: Apply once or twice a week to the face. avoiding the eye area. Let dry for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

It has a rather smart cap design- you twist it and the centre hole opens, and you can squeeze out product. Once you twist the cap again, it closes and you can just rinse off any residue. It's better than having a flip top packaging I think, or having loose caps everywhere.

The masque is a soft creamy consistency. Compared to most other cleansing masks especially clay types, these are runnier and softer/ smoother. Compared to mud types these are more creamy and doesn't have that sandy feeling. There is still a bit of grains inside, going to guess it's little rice granules.  However it is not abrasive on the face.

As instruction says I apply a thin layer. Just enough to cover pores, focusing on t-zone. I have large pores on t-zone and rest of skin is ok, a bit of freckles and broken capillaries though but skin texture is quite smooth on touch so I'm not very fussed about exfoliation for areas of face other than t-zone.

After 10 min it dries like below, but doesn't feel tight on the skin.

Rinsed off:

Honestly it is really mild- so mild that I'm not really sure what it did for my skin. It probably did take some of the oils away, but not strong enough like a cleansing mask to visibly draw out the oils or make blackheads surface etc. It's honestly a bit too gentle for me. (You can also see my pores closer to nose are all still very visible there).

I've tried leaving it on for longer, and tried to use it on various skin occasions (e.g. zit days, sallow skin days , lack of sleep days), but it's one of those skincare products which I just can't really tell what it does. It doesn't make my skin worse by any means, afterwards I do see the skin with a slight more glow but that's probably just temporary like after using any face mask.

Rating is 1/5. I may end up using the rest of the tube for like back or front chest area as a mild exfoliant or body mask. There are way more cleansing masks out there which can probably do better.

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