Shiseido Ma Cherie End Cure Milk review (hair treatment)

Ma Cherie is a drugstore brand under the Shiseido Group. There are so many drugstore lines of Shiseido hair products under various names, even Ma Cherie alone has tonnes of variations of hair treatment products.

I got mine from Taiwan which was like around $5-7USD equivalent. The "End Cure Milk" is meant to be a leave-in hair treatment, after shampooing and towel drying your hair, then apply to ends of your hair focusing on any damages.

Comes in a cute squeeze bottle, it's sort of flat-ish and oval shaped. 100ml content.

It's just a flip top opening and you squeeze the plastic body of the bottle and product would easily come out.

Here's the product itself- has a light floral scent. It doesn't really linger about 1 hr after application unless you sniff your hair really close up. It's a pleasant sweet floral scent that is easy to wear.

The consistency is much like a hair conditioner, not fluid but not thick-cream, just a light cream that spreads easily. It doesn't feel oily or sticky.

I've used it a lot of times on towel dried hair, honestly I do not feel it 'repairs' already damaged ends, but seems to prevent against heat damage from blowdrying. 

I also use this on already dried hair, usually when I wake up the next morning, my ends tend to feel a bit dry.

Picture below is before application.

I use about a pea sized amount on end of hair, here's the result: You can see that slightly 'dry hair' look is gone. It seems to smooth down hair especially at the ends quite well.

If I add a tiny bit more product, it almost looks like glossy healthy hair right here. However I don't usually tend to apply this much as if you didn't apply it evenly, it can look almost like "streaks" of hair where some bit can look a bit oily. (It doesn't feel oily once applied to hair).

However, as mentioned, it's a rather weak leave-in treatment. I believe the finished result is more superficial as opposed to making a long-term difference to the health of your hair. I ended up using about 70% of the bottle then got bored and moved on.  

If you are looking for a cheap leave-in treatment this is not a too bad option. (I'm still looking for other new favorite leave-in treatments so do not have any recommendations at this time).

Another thing is it doesn't seem to do much in terms of "styling" your hair, I get a bit of a slightly frizzy look on the top of the head or those baby hair that wont sit properly, this does nothing for it. Best used on only ends of your hair for a smoothed down look.

Have also tried this and probably not suitable to be used with hair curlers as it almost loosens the curls.

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