Chanel Ligne Extreme Liquid Eye Lines eyeliner 307 OR (gold) review/ swatch

Every year it seems Chanel goes back to doing a slightly gold themed collection (same with a neutral / earth toned collection). For 2011 Christmas again, it was the ligne extreme eyeliner liquid in shade number 307 "OR", (which means gold).

It comes in a standard elongaged box packaging about similar size to the twist-up eyeliners.

There's a very elongated handle on the narrow side, the actual liquid eyeliner is on the thicker end only. Essentially most of the actual tube is just the handle.

Here it is - comes in quite a small, fine brush tipped bristle. The bristle is not hard, on the slightly softer side. The brush seems to hold up reasonably well and doesn't splay. You can see despite the length of the handle, the actual  brush section is quite short.

Here are a few swatches , on the top I smudged it out, in the middle less so, then on the bottom is a full application which had a bit of product on it.

The shade is as the name suggest- gold- it looks like 24 carat gold color (not as pale as 18k gold, so it's more 'yellow' gold). It is not like bronze or orange or brown, just simply liquid gold. The shimmer factor is more obvious in real life. 

Unfortunately it's a really hard shade to wear- it doesn't really work blended out to be a liquid eyeshadow, yet it's too dark a gold to be worn as an under-eye liner or in the inner rim for highlight, best worn I thought was using a black pencil eyeliner to lightly line the top eye, then apply the liquid gold liner over it. If you want to apply any eyeshadow , this shade will need to be touched up as once you press an eyeshadow over it, it loses that liquid gold lustre.

It stays on reasonably well and doesn't seem to "flake" off like a lot of colored liquid eyeliners do.

Overall I wish it was a more wearable gold like a champagne gold, but it serves its purpose and would look nice if you really had a lot of time to do a proper eye make up. I cannot think of any dupes in other brands  (not sure of MAC) but at least of any Japanese brands I can think of.

Rating is 4/5. It does take a few seconds to dry, otherwise it could smudge.

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