Lancome x Kate Winslet Golden Hat Foundation Le Vernis Nail Colour Polish 26 review/ swatch

This was the collaboration bewteen Kate Winslet's golden hat foundation and Lancome.

They come in same polish design as standard Lancome nail polishes, other than the box is different, you get a nice matte black box with golden hat foundation prints on them.

Comes in 3 shades, 26, 27, 28 , which are all limited edition to this collection.

In the bottle it looks like a medium muted rose pink shade, full creme and no shimmers or glitters or iridescence.

Here's a swatch with 2 coats + seche vite top coat. On the nails I thought it looked a tinge darker in real life, particularly compared to what the shade looked like in the bottle. I thought I was getting a medium pink rose, but what came out was really a muted berry rose, like a dusty berry rose. My photos are darker than the shade in real life.

A few more angles- see even in picture below I think it looks darker on my nails (about 1 shade darker) than the polish in the bottle.

It photographs quite well and glossy looking, in real life as the shade has a creme finish (it's not a starke strange creme finish but rather a soft, creamy and buildable full coverage creme finish especially with just two coats). It almost looks like it has a certain sheen in photos.

Overall I think 3.5 out of 5 for this shade. It's a lovely shade and really understated, but it's in that 'dusty/ muted' berry rose family where some people will find it meh when they actually wear the shade. I wore this to a wedding yesterday and after I put it on I was a bit worried I was a bit surprised since I didn't think it would've gone with my dress (which is a lighter nude pink chiffon).  However this shade just kind of blends in- I didn't get any compliments on the day (usually my friends would notice my nails and comment on how they love particular colors), but this is one of those shades which you wear and just isn't a "stand-out" shade.

I can't think of dupes in OPI or Essie or anything else I have on hand, it's in the 'dusty/muted' shade category like OPI Nuntucket mist (but not the same shade and this #26 is certainly darker). It's not like OPI a dozen rosas either which is brighter and pinker and has a pearly sheen. It's not like Essie bootleg (which is paler and more mauve).

It is as good quality as OPI nail polish in terms of ease of application and consistency, however it didn't wear too well (about 2 days) and some bits were flaking off- it could be that Lancome just doesn't react well with my base coat or topcoat or something. (Base coat was Paul & Joe base coat, nothing to rave about, topcoat is Seche Vite which is what's giving the shade a glossy shine).

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