Dariya Salon De Pro Hair Color Bubble Foam Dye 5MK mocha brown reviews / swatches

Apologies for lack of blog posts these 2 weeks as I've been drowned with work.

I've previously reviewed Salon de pro hair color bubble dye in shades 4A and 3 already. Here's shade 5MK (Mocha Brown)'s review. 5MK is meant to be on the darker spectrum of the series, MK being less red toned and more ash toned as opposed to shade "5" alone.

These retail about 15USD each online before shipping, various websites all stock this plus ebay. Exclusive to Japan in terms of retail and maybe a few Asian countries. This particular one I think I got from HK so there's actually instructions in Chinese included, which was handy since my Japanese was never that great so I was always scared I missed some instructions.

Here's the color card for 5MK.

Rest of the box, on the bottom there's a color chart (it's probably an older chart as it is missing shade "4A", which is lighter and even more ash toned than 5MK).

Other instrucitons etc:

Here's the instrucitons in Chinese:

I've kept the color card of my last hair color, which was another Japanese bubble dye brand "Blaune" in shade "2AH" (ash brown). I placed the shade 2AH's color card above 5MK to show you the difference. 5MK definitely looks slightly more mocha and a tinge lighter and less ash based than 2AH in the Blaune brand.

Here's the instructions, along with pictures, click to enlarge:

Here's the content of the hair dye pack, all you get are a pair of rubber gloves (which fits very snugly and I like that), plus the metal bottle and the "nozzle" head to be fitted over the bottle. You don't get any hair conditioner or treatmetnt included in the pack like other hair dyes typically do.

Once you fit the nozzle on and squeeze the bottle, a steady lot of foams come out. According to the instructions you get "eight to nine tennis ball sized foams". Which is probably true. On my hand is far bigger than a single tennis ball as I was just greedy. Part of the foam will appear like grey or brown while the rest is white- the instructions say don't worry it's all the same once applied.

Ok here's my gripe about the bubble dye- I truely only got about 9 tennis ball (or maybe 10 balls) sort of size- which was far less than needed for my hair which is about half way down my back now. The added problem is I realised how badly Salon de pro's hair dye performs during colder weather. I used this on a particularly colder night in Sydney (around 13 degrees at night), and the foams clearly dissipate really quickly once applied to hair. That factor aside together with the lack of sufficient foam, anyone with long and thick hair are likely to need two bottles.

Back when I used the other two shades of salon de pro in shades 4A and 3 on separate occassions I was struggling to get enough coverage already, now my hair is about 10-15cm longer it is clearly insufficient.

Here's what it looked like after I applied all the foams. You can see the end of the hair section which I had up in a bun got literally no foam. The foam on the rest of the head dissipated really quickly too, I couldn't even work it through my head evenly as it was just drying up quickly.

Here's my hair BEFORE using the dye- 2AH Blaune hair color which has faded after about 8 weeks.  I was getting some grey hair regrowth plus I found the condition of the end of my hair to be a bit bad and no matter what awesome hair product I was using, my hair felt a bit dull and crunchy quickly. Then I knew it was a sign I needed to dye  my hair again.
Here's the hair color under different light without flash- you can see the dullness is more visible and at the ends there is clear color fading and looking a bit more brown orange.

Pictures BELOW are all after using the Salon de pro 5MK hair dye. I found it looked surprisingly mocha under flash light which is not too bad but I generally prefer ashed dark dark brown look as opposed to a slightly red tinge. You can see at the end of the hair it is very uneven.

Here it shows the "darker" shade overall without direct flash.

Next morning, outdoors in the sun (the strange white stuffs on bottom left corner was just me blurring the ugly garden hose in the back lol).

And this is where it upsetted me the most! My ends are still just as uneven and looking dry and slightly brown orange especially under direct sunlight.

Overall was very unhappy with the experience with this one. Next time I will need two bottles when I use salon de pro and definitely need to becareful with the temperature (p.s. most bubble dyes dont do great when the weather's super hot too).

In addition I noticed the instructions said keep the foam in hair for 20 minutes (once you have applied the full head) then rinse thoroughly and shampoo. I usually do a solid 40 minutes as my hair do not take colors that easily, but given this is meant to be one of the darker shades in the salon de pro line I expected it to turn dark quickly. 

It took me 15 minutes to apply all foam to my hair, then I waited another 25 minutes, and the color still clearly didn't take (maybe because the foam dissipated so quickly this time due to the cold weather or just the lack of foam). My grey roots were still there, I still have a slightly obvious regrowth line at the roots which shows 1 patch black at the regrowth and then remaining more brown (usually the that regrowth look is very blurred or totally even after application since I focus a lot on the roots). In addition obviously the ends aren't dyed at all either.

Overall clearly it is not my day- I'm trying to nurture my hair back to a slightly better condition before I dye over it again =(

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