Nars Larger Than Life Lip Gloss Place Vendome swatch /review

Nars Larger than Life lipglosses were released in early 2012, comes in an array of shades between light to dark, I picked a few shades and Place Vendome was the darkest shade I have at the moment. Nars describes this shade as 'strawberry pink'.

They RRP for 26USD.

Comes in a standard lipgloss tube, again the handle is Nars signature semi-rubbery plastic which is probably going to disintegrate and attract a lot of dust in no time.

Under different lighting:

Features a really short point bristle tip- it's a brush tip but it's a lot shorter and pointier than most other brush bristled lipglosses.

Here are a few swatches:

You can see it's a brightened strawberry pink, more red than pink I thought. It has a slightly sticky texture but not more so than a lot of other glosses out there. It's high shine and very pigmented. Obviously it applies sheerer than it looks in the tube but the pigmentation is a lot better than expected.

Under different lighting:

Overall this shade turned out a bit too deep colored and bright for me, while it does build to a lustrous shine and glossy finish and you get that pouty lip look, I find it very hard to wear with my other makeup look as I usually wear very neutral or minimal eye makeups.

I did realise something unique about these Nars glosses, they have a unique texture where it almost feels a bit like gel-gloss, which means I can actually apply a bit and dab on my lips to get same effect as using a lip tint. You get some color but minimal shine. So it looks like I just got more pinker lips naturally. (same theory as Benefit's Benetint series )

Rating is 3/5. $26 USD is quite hefty for a lipgloss (though I would categorise these are liquid lipsticks due to the high pigmentation). Separately it does require a decent amount to build to that glossy lustrous high shine look. On the plus side I believe these are unscented , there is also no taste to it.

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