La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel For Oily Sensitive Skin review

I really liked the La Roche Posay anthiolos SPF50 sunscreen, and thought I would try a few other skincare items from the same line. Here's the Purifying Foaming Gel cleanser for oily sensitive skin. Meant to be soap free and pH 5.5 and perfect for those with sensitive skin.

It contains 125ml, in a soft plastic squeeze tube with flip top cap. Instruction for use says apply some gel on palm, lather then massage on face, then rinse thoroughly.

It's a clear gel cleanser, slightly runny sort of feeling, but it is more a gel than liquid.

It's not a massively foaming cleanser, you get loose foam like this.


Overall thought? I wish I hadn't purchased this. It performs very average as far as a gel foaming cleanser goes. It has a light foam, easy to rinse off, and doesn't leave skin dry and taught. (But it's not like your skin will feel supple and plump and hydrated either, no miracle here).

However, it is the scent which really irritates me. It has a perculiar chemical sort of scent, not to go so far and say it smells like drain cleaner, but it does smell like some sort of detergent in a not so pleasant way.

I've used a few cosmeceutical brands which usually comes with less floral scents and more 'clinical' smell to it and never found them to be too irritating. However I just cannot like this scent at all!

Struggling to finish this off still, but definitely will not repurchase. Performance is very average and nothing to rave on about, but the scent! Definitely at least try smelling this before you purchase.

This was not all that cheap either (compared to many other Japanese drugstore brands which would have superior face wash), I think it retails around $1xx HKD, so roughly 15-20USD if you purchase in Asia.

Overall rating 3/5 for performance and 1/5 for overall.

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