China Glaze #157 Sex on the Beach Nail Polish review/ swatch

China Glaze Sex on the Beach (code #157) is a mid tone mauvey-pink shimmery foil. It's a very fine shimmery finish which is probably more foil than metallic.  It's definitely a midtone color, not dark, not light.

Will require about 2 coats to get the complete foil like look. I'm wearing 2 coats below.

Personally I LOVE foil finishes, as long as they are subtle and glimmering and pretty, but not super metallic or frosty in appearance. 

I wish China Glaze (and other nail brands) would release a lot more polishes in this finish in different colors. Unfortunately it just seems most foil finishes only happen in mid-tone shades.


Overall 4/5. The only thing I can fault about China Glaze and particularly, this color, is the polish consistency seems a bit 'thin' and not as luscious as OPI or Essie. So when you have mid-tone shades without applying carefully to avoid streaks or uneven finish, the shades can sometimes look a bit cheap. I also found this shade to be not all that 'shiny', it needs a topcoat to make the glossy polished look.

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Debbie Ramirez said...

Thank you very much for your detailed review and pictures! It certainly helps when one is attempting to find the true appearance and shade.