Bobbi Brown Cream Blush Stick #1 Pale Pink review/ swatch

Bobbi Brown Cream Blush Stick is in a metal black tube like the foundation sticks, however it contains 4.3g of product (and foundation stick contains 9.5g.

Top is the foundation stick and bottom is blush stick:

Here's #1 Pale Pink- Interestingly I have pale pink in the powder form and they are NOTHING alike. The pale pink powder blush from Bobbi Brown is a hot baby doll pink, while the pale pink in cream blush stick is a peachy pink.

Here's how it looks when swiped straight onto the skin. On left it's on top of the Bobbi Brown foundation in #02 sand, on right it's on clean skin. You can see it doesn't change much color even when applied on top of foundation.

 Here it is blended out, on clean skin on the very left blended very sheerly, on the very right a bit heavier. In the middle it's blended on top of foundation in #02 sand again. The color when applied on my skin is honestly just a peachy pink, no other fancy way to describe it. It has more pink than peach.

 Overall 4/5. The color is very pretty. The stick blush is of high quality for a cream blush, and it blends out really easily on the cheek without looking blotchy.

It is now discontinued and replaced by the pot rouges and sheer color cheek tints.

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