OPI A Rose At Dawn Broke By Noon V11 + Design Series DS Perfection Nail Lacquer review/ swatch

OPI "A Rose At Dawn Broke by Noon" (color code V11) was from OPI Las Vegas collection.

The color is a gleaming brightened rose pink, it has a gleam sheen to it, not quite shimmery or frosty but just that glow.

I haven't taken a photo of the shade on its own because I got so bored of it after 1 coat. It honestly looks just like the color in the bottle I'm holding, a plain old average slightly tacky looking pink. Then I decided to salvage the poor nail color choice by adding another color top coat- wow the amazing thing is the finished look was SO pretty and this was a total accident.

Below are all pictures with 1 coat A rose at Dawn, Broke by Noon then topped with 2 coats of OPI DS Perfectoin.

Look how amazing it looks under sun light- I'm still holding A Rose at Dawn Broke by noon in my hand.

Below I'm holding the DS Perfection shade.

This is by far the favorite nail combination I've found lately. DS Perfection is a darked fuschia pink with a desnse shimmer and a slightly chrome effect (as can be seen from the bottle- it's reflecting a gold/bronze glow).

The finished look is this very pretty shimmering foiled rose, not too light and not too dark.

Overall 2/5 for A Rose at Dawn, Broke by Noon, and 5/5 for the DS Perfection shade, which is such a pretty top coat. (Having another opaque color underneath DS Perfection will richen the look of it, and take away any too much metallicness).

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