Chanel #203 Miami Peach Le Vernis Nail Colour swatch/ review

Chanel #203 Miami Peach Le vernis nail colour was released at least several times over the last 3-4 years. In some countries you can find it in the permanent collection.

It's one of those mid tone colors I find hard to quite pinpoint. It's a bit peach, a bit coral, a bit pink, a bit orange, all depend on what light you look at it and what skintone you are. It applies quite true color to the bottle.

I would describe it on me as a brightened corally pink peach with average amount of gold shimmers in a gel-creme sort of finish. Not quite creme opacity but not quite see through. I love how it seems a bit jelly-like on my nails.

It's a bit brightening but definitely not garish or neon. Very wearable in summer and spring. Love the pop of color.
Here's the color under sunlight:

Another one under sunlight, this one shows how pale the color could look:

Overall 5/5 . Again I'm wearing 2 coats, underneath seche vite top coat (which is getting a bit gluggy on me and that's why there's some 'shrinkage' on the tip =\ ).

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