Stila Rouge Pots Cheek Mousse in Amaryliss review/ swatch

Stila was one of my favorite brands (before Estee Lauder bought it at least). I like the girly packagings, and I did collect Stila makeup for a year or two.

This is my recent lost and found love, Stila Rouge Pots Cheek Mousse in shade 'Amaryliss'. Rouge Pots are discontinued from the look of Stila website but you can track them down easily on ebay etc

Rouge pots have a soft bouncy texture, they are not a hard creme, but not totally airwhipped, but just a nice bouncey semi firm texture that spreads really easily even with finger.

As usual, you should apply creme products below any powder products, so I apply this after my liquid  foundation or BB cream but before pressed powders or loose powders. This means you can apply a little bit more (because the pressed powder will cover some of the color).

Here's the swatch on the skin, the top layer is applied slightly heavier and very sheerly on the bottom. You can see it applies totally smooth, you don't get the lumpy feeling you get with cream blushes normally. 

It dries quickly, to a powdery finish, but the color stays firm and well throughout the day.

Amaryliss looks like a orange in the pot, with some brick red undertone, but on the skin it transforms to a beautiful brightening coral orange, with slightest red undertone. My skin swatch isn't quite picking up the coral so much though.

Overall 4/5. It works well with a creme blush brush too. The only thing I can fault about this is sometimes when it's quite hot or my skin is a bit flushed, then rouge pot has a slight tendency to oxidize and turn a bit orange (but then that happens with me with most cream blushes).

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