Rene Furterer Paris Okara Protect Color Shampoo Protective Radiance review

I grabbed a few Rene Furterer travel size shampoos and conditioners from their various line as I've read good things about them on a few Asian beauty blogs.

Their packaging is generally pretty simplistic and in yellow/green labels. It's probably priced comparable to Redken in Australia, you are looking at paying 23-28AUD for a 200ml bottle of shampoo etc.

The Okara Protect Color Shampoo (colored hair protective radiance shampoo) is a typical shampoo consistency in a thickish yellow liqiud.

The shampoo has average foams, if your hair is a bit greasy foaming can be a little bit difficult.

Ingredient list:
It also has a pretty standard floral scent similar to a lot of drugstore shampoos.

You can see I'm on the bottom of the 50ml container, honestly I thought this was such an average shampoo. My hair feels a bit coarse and dry if I don't follow with a nourishing conditioner or hair mask. In addition it seems difficult to foam up if your hair is even slightly greasier than normal or has hair products.

I didn't find my color fading slower, or my hair looking more shiny.

Overall 2/5 for this shampoo. It's not that crap, but it's just feels like most other drugstore shampoos which retails at 20% of the cost of this shampoo.  It falls short of most other shampoos in similar price range like Redken.

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