Origins No Puffery Cooling Mask for Puffy Eyes review

Origins No Puffery cooling mask is a refreshing translucent gel (can't really tell if there's any tint inside as the tube is translucent green , but the gel on the skin does appear colorless).

It is minimally scented, (or if anything, reminds me a bit of cucumber- literally scentless vegie).

It is meant to be a mask, apply generously to undereye area for 5-10 minutes, then tissue off.  Or it can be used like a normal eye cream/gel, just apply sparingly under your normal eye cream.

 It is meant to be de-puffying, not so much intended for moisurising your under eye area.

Honestly I cannot tell whether this does anything, then again sometimes you use certain skincare for the pampering feeling (it does feel cool on the undereye and you don't have to close your eyes so while you apply this you can still do other things).

Here's what it looks like- it does squeeze out as a rather solid gel, but melts a bit on contact on the skin to a normal eye gel sort of felling.

Spreaded out:

Overall I did feel slightly depuffed, but as I expected this is no miracle worker, there are still some days where I sleep late, wake up with puffy eyes and this seemed to only help minimally.

I don't feel bad about slapping this on generaously, given it's 30ml  in size (most eyecreams are standard 15ml sizes).

Overall 3/5.

Will not repurchase- must be other fun skincare to try out there...hopefully something that depuffs better.

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