Sonia Rykiel Crayon Yeux WP (Eyeliner Pencil WP) #06

Sonia Rykiel is definitely one of those brands that gets very little review online, probably because it is relatively hard to obtain as it is sold mostly in Japan.  It is sold in Taiwan as well (but there are quite few counters that sells it in department stores).

This was early 2010 color I believe, not sure if it's limited edition. I'm reviewing this because of the unique color. Most of my eyeliners I favor either liquid eyeliners in black (so I can tightline), or various taupes and chocolate browns.

I don't have too many mid-tone colored eyeliners because I suppose they are not dark enough to show through in color. However they are excellent to use as eyeliner once you have tightlined using a black liquidliner, then use some mind-toned eyeliner colors to line again, then blend out with othe eyeshadows.

This is a very complex color, difficult to describe. It's a bit purple, a bit plum and a bit brown, with nice jewel toned shimmers that does not show up as glitters. It wears smoothly, relatively waterproof ( but most eyeliners smudge on me after 5 to 6 hours anyway).

Comes in the standard Sonia Rykiel packaging- even the eylienr pencil itself features the signature striped color. Makes it very easy to find amonst other eyeliners in my brush holder.

Ingredients are in the back...in Japanese mostly.

Here's the swatch on the skin.

An extra little heart swatch below =)

Overall rating 4 out of 5.
It's smooth, non-tugging, applies color easily. I cannot fault it for not being dark enough  (as it is not meant to be). Interesting color choices for sure.

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