Paul & Joe Eye Gloss N #03 Moonlight and #05 Murmur swatch/ review

Paul and Joe have revamped their eye gloss line at least 2-3 times. The ones in 2010 were called "Eye Gloss N", the Japanese brands tend to like to add 'N' behind any revamped series of an older product, N for neo or new.
They come in a soft foam doe foot applicator like most lipglosses.

I got #05 Murmur which is a rich chocolate brown shimmer and #03 moonlight which is a pale lavender purple with shimmers. They apply a bit like a runny cream. But blends out quickly to a dry finish and stays put quite well. I get minimal creasing at the end of the day.

Overall 5/5. Paul and Joe packagings are always pleasant to look at, the handle is a pearly shimmery pink and the tube features the signature orange blossom design. The product has their signature orange flower scent but it's very very minimal and barely detectable.

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