YuSkin Lipcare lipbalm/ Lip Cream review

YuSkin (or Yuskin A) is one of the trusted long running Japanese brands that first started with the Yuskin A cream, which is probably holds the status of like vaseline in normal western households (but a bit more than multi-functional).

The YuSkin series are positioned as the 'cure all' mutli-purpose cream, that can double as moisturiser, relieves minor insect bites, lipbalm, handcream etc etc. 

There are also various Yuskin lipbalm out there, I'm reviewing one of them below:

The full name is YuSkin lipcare. Comes in a paperbox packaging, all Japanese. Says something like for sensitive skin.

Ingredient : (not sure why my picture flipped after uploading!) I got mine from Taiwan so there's a Chinese label instruction in the back. Features vitamin E, Jojoba oil, it also has the English ingredient list.

Here's the tube, it's quite miniature, but similar size to normal lipbalms.
Here it is, it looks a bit solid doesn't it? Well it does feel a bit more solid compared to most lipbalms. But upon touching the lip it does melt and provide a very thin film on application.

Here it is on the skin- you can see it provides a very thin layer, with a tiny bit of shine. It does remind me a bit of a medicinal scent (not much taste), not worse than those Mentholatum lipbalm scents or carmex. So I don't mind at all.

In terms of moisturising my lips, it's now winter in Australia, because I turn my heaters on at night and constantly drink hot drinks, I do have pretty bad chapped lips and sometimes sensitively or irritation. This does help a bit, and seems to soothe minor lip irritations.

However, because of the consistency it does apply a bit too thin (I like something more substantial or rich). That being said, there are at least 4-5 different versions of lipbalms from Yuskin out there.

I LOVE the lip cream version. It's this one below: (yes it's so extra cute!) Yuskin tends to collaborate with Bruna the rabbit and the packaging also features Bruna.

The lip cream version applies a bit more creamy and does sometimes leave a slight white cast, but it heals my lips so well, no complaints at all! (And the product is just plain white stick, as opposed to the tube version in yellow).

Overall 5/5 for the Yuskin lip cream

You can find this in various online stores, but they aren't entirely common out side of Japan.

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