OPI You Callin' Me A Lyre? NL T51 NYC Ballet Soft Shades swatch/ review

OPI NYC Ballet Soft shades (2012 spring collection) was a collection of nude ivory/ peaches and pinks collection. They are truely very ballet shades or bridal nail color sort of selection.

I picked "You Callin' Me A Lyre" since it seemed like a safe color, without being too nude and bandaid like.

In the bottle it looks like a ivory pink with a hint of peach. Very pale though.

You can see there's no shimmers or pearliness or glitters etc, it's just a milky gloss.

Here it is with 2 coats. These are like day 4 of wear actually since I couldn't find my camera first few days. so they held up rather well. Unfortunately I didn't do a too good job waiting for it to dry slightly between coats so it was a bit uneven on a few tips. 

Nevertheless you can see what the color is like under different lighting- it's basically a ivory white and some angles you get slightly more of that pink base - but the peach base is non-existent on me. I really can't think of many nicer things to say about this shade since it's such a 'safe' color, it's those shades that makes your nails look nice and glossy, but it doesn't take any attention away from the rest of your outfit.

I'm currently about two shades more tanned than normal since I just came back from holidays so under yellow lights it can look a bit too pale. The difference between this shade and other OPI previous nude shade is that it seems to be a bit more glossy and more 'jelly' finish, it is still uneven with 1 coat so 2 coat is minimum, but I can see it still looking pretty with 3 coats.

Overall 3.5/5 , it's nice but I feel I have plenty more shades like this...

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