Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 561 Suspicious Review/ swatch polish

Chanel 561 suspicious is from 2012 collection, either Spring or Summer.

In the bottle it looks like a glossy deepened raspberry/cranberry red. Under some lights there's even a hint of magenta.

Picture below is with 1 coat- it was surprisingly pigmented. I quite liked the finish of just 1 coat as well, it looked like a very glossy, candy cranberry red- very juicy looking, without being too darkened a red.

All pics below are with two coats. I don't think the shade needed a topcoat to add any glossiness to it but I just added Seche Vite top coat to ensure it lasts longer.

With two coats it becomes a more deepened, even richer dark cranberry red. It has a certain vibrancy to it, so while it's not in those category of fire engine glaring red, it's still a bright pop of spring red. 
There's no shimmers or pearliness or anything in this shade, it's a pure pigmented gloss finish, not creme, just quite jelly either (as there's such opacity with two coats).

 Under direct sunlight below:

Overall rating 4/5. not super unique but it's very pretty and a happy shade to wear in spring/ summer.

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