Lunasol Nail Color Nail Finish N 08 Pearlish Pink swatch/ review

Here's Lunasol's Nail Finish N in shade 08, "Pearlish Pink".

In the bottle it looks like a pearly, slightly shimmery light to medium pink. It reminded me a bit of OPI Suzi sells seashells in terms of the pink base color, however it turns out it's rather different.

These are 10ml and retails for 1500 yen (about 18AUD, however you can often find them on sale online or when they release certain GWP sets in Asia).

I think this picture is most accurate of the color:

Here's 2 coats. it applied really smoothly and evenly. (Over my Paul & Joe nail base coat).

Indoor lights under flash it's a tinge paler than the real life pink shade.

Here's no flash, near natural sunlight. You can see it's a true pearly finish. It's a nice medium pink, in real life I'd call it a medium pink shade as opposed to a 'light' pink, even though in photos it always shows up lighter than in real life.

This shade held up exceptionally well, I'm not sure whether it's because I took extra care and time on application or because the quality is exceptional- it went on a solid 5 days before minor peeling. (seche vite top coat applied on top).

I would say OPI Suzi sells seashells is more 'milky' and opaque and slightly more nude, while is more a true pink. 

Overall rating 4.5/5. Such a pretty spring pink shade.

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