Chanel Blue Illusion d'Ombre Apparition/ Destination review/ swatches

Here's a quick review of the 2012 Chanel Blue Illusion collection which included 2 Illusion d'ombre shades. Apparation and Destination. 

As they are limited edition numbers there are no color codes in front of the shade names.

Apparition on the left, Destination on the right.

In the container Apparition is a deep deep marine/ navy blue sort of shade. It's not quite 'blackened' but still very dark. 
Destination is a lighter blue, more like a lake blue color. It seems like there's a touch of silver inside.

As with all Illusion d'ombre, they are like a souffle consistency, it's like a moist powder/ cream sort of finish, which can yield a highly metallic shimmery finish if applied more densely.

Swatches below, the blackened-ness of the Apparition shade is more obvious once applied, which makes this more wearable for a dark blue. It's not those in-you-face 80s blue eyeshadow sort of shade, instead it's rather understated and easy to wear. There's some shimmer inside, but if you apply more heavily it is still rather understated.

Destination on the other hand, applies lighter than expected- you can layer for more color but again, the silvery shimmer is more obvious in this shade and I really cant think of suitable ways to wear this for myself other than a subtle wash. It's also slightly 'greyed' so it's not a very vibrant spring sort of pastel blue shade either, it's more muted than I expected.

Overall nice and interesting shades from Chanel. I don't feel they are must haves because unless you like blue eyeshadows these aren't very versatile (other than the Apparition shade which can be easily worn as a liner shade or crease shade on a daily basis). Rating 3/5.

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