Paul & Joe Hand Cream review

Paul & Joe hand cream features the signature Paul and Joe orange flower scent, in a white creamy whipped texture, housed in a beautiful metal tin (that could be reused for other things once you are done with the hand cream!) 

It's 80g and about the size of my palm.

The cream is beautifully velvety and soft. Melts on contact with the skin. It really does feel like doing a mini hand spa treatment on something when using this cream.

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Spreaded out:

Overall 4/5. It's fairly moisturising and nourishing on the hands, and cuticles. However even though I like their signature scent, the thing with handcreams is usually our hands got a certain heat and is warmer than rest of the body at times, once you apply hand cream and massage in, any scented handcream tend to have the scent even more amplified with the heat from the hand. So the scent may become a lot more noticeable and stronger. Wish the scent for this was just a bit fainter, since I tend to like a very very subtle skincare scent only.

(It's kind of annoying when you are doing work and all you can smell is the orange blossom from your hands for the next hour!).

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