Orbis Moist Lip Essence Review/ swatch

Orbis is very similar to Fancl, both are mail order brands in Japan.

Moist Lip Essence (product code 9476) is probably < 10USD RRP I think, and contains 8ml in a pink squeeze tube.

Applicator looks like this: it's not the most convenient thing because while it's round and smooth, applying on lips still feel a bit awkhard since the nozzle is very small.

Constistency is a liquid gel, pretty transparent once on lips though.

Instruction etc:

Orbis products are sealed in plastic on purchase like this:

Overall 2/5. While it feels nice on the lips, I honestly didn't feel any moisturising properties. Most of my other lipbalms are probably more moisturising than this. That being said I do have really dry lips and they are always chapped. The dry climate in Australia is not helping a bit!.

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