Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss lipgloss PK130 swatch/review

Majolica Majorca is a drugstore brand in Japan, it features whimsical designs and a bit of that magic and fairies theme. This is the honey pump gloss I'm reviewing, in shade PK130. They are 6.5g in size and only retails for 480yen (which is like 5USD?).

Here's the applicator' I tend to find these completely round tip applicator to be a bit awkhard to apply, they goop the gloss around your lips instead of spreading them smoothly.

Here's the swatch on skin, you can see it's pretty much clear! it has the faintest pink tint and minimal shimmer. Honestly very boring for my liking.

On my lips it's pretty much clear anyway- the shimmer only shows up under direct sunlight. It evens out my lip color a bit that's all.

Overall 2/5. It's cheap, but nothing special at all.

The texture is average, not sticky but a bit on the more runny side (but will not drip). I don't find this that moisturising for my super dry lips either.

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