RMK Nail Color EX CL-08 Pink Rose swatch and review

These are the new RMK nail color EX collections. I think CL-08 Pink Rose is a regular shade (but RMK does revamp its lines every few years so sometimes things just go out of stock).

In the bottle it looks like a typical muted pink rose (as the name suggests). It looks like a gel-creme, slightly jelly sort of consistency. There's no shimmer or glitters or iridescence. Looks semi opaque but not super creamy.

Here below with two coats on the nail. I actually used the Kanebo Coffret D'or topcoat- which turned out to be rather slow drying and made a few nails looked a bit dull because of sheet marks.

A few different lightings:

As you can see it's a very delicate, pretty soft pink rose. It applies true to the bottle, nice and glossy finish.  It's a really feminine shade and superb for office days. Consistency for this shade was marvelous too, with 1 coat it was more a jelly gloss and still quite pretty. Two coats gave full color coverage smoothly. 

Thumbs up to this shade, not super unique but very pretty and easy to wear and apply.


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