L'Occitane Rose Petals Ultra Rich Body Cream (25% shea butter) review/ swatch

L'Occitane sometimes releases a whole bunch of new scents at once and they are often limited edition scents. Looks like this Rose Petals scent is still selling on the L'occitane website (however it is still labelled as limited edition). Retails for 22USD for 3.5oz, which is a really small size given most other body products typically start at 6 oz or more like 200g/200ml at least.

It's housed in a gorgeous tin:

It's sealed when opened:

You can see the cream sits inside a white plastic tub in the middle rather than the tin itself (which is a good thing as you won't have body cream getting that metal tin scent).

It's a wonderfully luscious body moisturiser- with 25% shea butter. I usually don't really specifically go for shea butter body moisturisers as they tend to be a bit thick and have that particular oil scent to it (and also leave a sticky residue on your sheets, like the Body Shop body butters at times!). 

However this one is just a spreadable, luscious consistency. It's not thin like a body lotion or emollient like a typical cream. Instead it has that semi melted body butter consistency that spreads and goes a long way easily. It has that wonderful feeling of just lightly coating your skin and nourishing it.

It leaves a slight white cast as you spread it out, but once massaged in it disappears.

It keeps my skin hydrated and not to mention the rose petals scent is divine- I think this is easily my favorite L'occitane body product lately. I prefer this over the rose neiges line as this one has a more 'real' rose petal scent. 

Hope they make it into a bigger size and better price though. If used daily this tin runs out before winter finishes here. 

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