Giorgio Armani eyes to kill silk eyeshadow #12 Moonlight swatch/ review

Here's the Armani Eyes to Kill Silk eyeshadow in shade #12, there's no color name printed on the box or container but according to the official website the corresponding shade name is "Moonlight".

I did not see swatches before getting it, but the rainbowy mixture got me curious since it looks like a pale silvery blue base with fine pink and green flecks of pigments through it.

Here- you can see the color looks rather complex in the jar.

As mentioned in my previous reviews, these eyeshadows have an interesting moist powder/ cream texture. It's very finely milled and intense pigmentation and is meant to be buildable in color.

Swatch, more densely on left and blended out on the right:

You can see how it's almost slightly lumpy on the finger tip.

Here you can see it being a bit uneven on the left, but it blends out easily.

Well at the end of the day- this is really a shiny silver shade. It's not flecks of silver but does blend out to a sheer silver shimmer. It's not a 'white' silver but more a mercury silver, and capable of being blended out to a really sheer layer which gives more a shimmery finish with translucency. Can be layered to a true mercury silver too.

It's a rather metallic shade which means it's not very forgiving on the eyes, sort of accentuates and creases and a bit too glaringly silver. However it sheers down as a nice eyeshadow base and adds a real sparkle to any eyeshadow you apply on top.

Overall rating 3/5. It looks more amazing in the pot than applied for sure.

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