RMK Spring 2010 product promo photos

Can't believe it's spring collection time soon again! as usual, most Japanese brands start pushing out the typical Spring shades, i.e. what you'd imagine as including pastels, pinks, light greens, aquas and lilacs (these two years a lot more Japanese brands started pushing out the pale amber/apricot shades too).
Here are some sneak preview of RMK 2010 Spring palettes- unfortunately I don't have real product photos just yet. Again, please click to enlarge.
5 eyeshadow palettes (don't the promo swatch make several shades seem almost the same?? There are 5 different palettes available). Retails for 4500Yen.
Cheek color palettes, 3 colors each, retails for 4000 Yen.
Irresistable Lips C lipsticks, 3 colors Nail Color, 4 shades
I'm finding the last Spring collection definitely looking like they were prettier (unfortunately they were fairly pastel/ sheerer too)- Spring 2009 was a lot more etheral looking..
However, you never know! I'm definitely getting my hands on the Cheek colors though, RMK products great blushes that has a great luminosity. Same with the eyeshadow, they have a good array of textures and colors from their 2009 revamped single eyeshadows range- excited to be able to get palettes since it's such a better value.
Here was Spring 2009:


Jennifer said...

Awwwwww i was expecting so much more from RMK! but these seemed to be pretty much the same colors :X have you tried anything from them?


Wombat said...

Hi Jennifer, I'm just about to place some orders (wont get them til January when they are released though)- I do agree they look more or less the same? All like mid-tones...I'd rather some pastels or at least darker colors. Fingers crossed at least the blush palette would be awesome =D