Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour #471 Ming 2009 swatch

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour "Ming" (#471) is a 2009 release along with the rouge laque in the same shade.
Ming is a very classic candy rose pink with tiny shimmers, it applies smoothly like most Chanel nailpolishes, it's a sweet pink, very girly and great for the Australian spring/summer right now.
I know that a all these pastel pinks can see pretty generic from time to time, but this is probably easily one that I'd reach for quite often. It's a sweet pink without screaming 'look I'm wearing such a generic pink'- as soon as I wore this, at least 2 people asked what color I was wearing and commented on how nice it looks.
Here it is with 2 coats, indoor flash:
See...pretty much like how it is in the bottle with two coats- one coat is a little bit too translucent though.
As with normal Chanel formula, I do find that it is prone to chipping or flaking quite quickly (within 2 days)- I wonder if it's not compatible with the topcoat I'm using (Seche Vite). I used a basecoat- Orly bonder which is basically translucent too (but obviously didn't seem to help it last longer with this one).
Overall a gorgeous color, very feminine, it's different to a few other Chanel pinks I have like rose satin or pink satin etc. Will have to update this post once I figure out whether there's any dupes in other OPI colors I have...


Anonymous said...

Very pretty and elegant pink! I love your nails! You are so lucky with being gifted with long nail beds... *jealous* ;)

Wombat said...

Hi Jess~ thanks~ I love this pink too ^^ my nailbeds arent actually all that long, I do have some length at the front~ lol. It's so hard to keep them long though.