Anna Sui Autumn 2008 秋季彩妝

Anna Sui 2008 Autumn releases (10 year anniversary)- here are most of the nail items plus an interesting makeup vanity coffret set.

2008 秋季彩妝珍愛ANNA SUI 10周年收藏! 洋娃娃般美麗妝容 漂亮誘人的炫目美甲完美化身夢想中的魔幻公主

Love the promo pic! beautiful! plus the new nail polish bottles revamped from the old resigns...Can nail polish bottles be any prettier?

New limited edition beauty trays- the non-LE ones are usually black, I've seen white ones from LE releases previously, but not too sure what I think about the lucite red and blue-violet! They retail for NT650 each which is about USD25.

I have a black one I use for random makeup storage, it's pretty small but actually surprisingly heavy, so keep that in mind when you are shopping!

ANNA SUI NAIL COLOR N (38 colors) 魔幻炫彩美甲油$520 / 10ml 全新38色 (approximately USD18)
ANNA SUI NAIL ART COLOR N (15 new colors) 魔幻藝術美甲油 NT$520 / 10ml 全新15色 (approximately USD18)
The new base coat (left) and top coat (right) , approximately USD18 each.
魔幻護甲膜 ANNA SUI BASE COAT N - NT$520 / 10ml 全新1款
魔幻護甲衣 ANNA SUI TOP COAT N - NT$520 / 10ml 全新1款

Nail filent: approximately USD17

炫指魔光棒 ANNA SUI NAIL FILE NT$500 全新1款

New nail stickers - 3 different types, approximately USD10


Wow this is definitely interesting, the new limited edition

Anna Sui Vanity coffret (whopping USD200 or thereabouts)

ANNA公主魔幻彩妝台 NT$5,800 全新1款

■ 產品內容 ■ 第一層抽屜 唇刷、眼影刷與眼影棒(雙頭)、腮紅撲 第二層抽屜 魔幻魅惑腮紅 / 陽光燦橘、天使粉紅 魔幻魅惑眼彩 / 搖滾藍調、ANNA紫、精靈粉紅 第三層抽屜 魔幻薔薇唇彩 / 古銅金棕、薔薇紅、娃娃粉紅、寶石橙 親親水嫩護唇膏

It's basically a makeup coffret- contains a 13 products total. I dont know whether these items are all LE or unique products or just from regular lines. It's really just 10 products excluding the applicators (since these normally come with the individual blush or usual eyeshadow palettes). I suppose you are paying for the vanity tray =)

First tray- lipbrush, eyeshadow brush & sponge double end applicable, purple blush puff.

Second tray: Blush x 2 ( orange sunray and angelic pink), eyecolor x3 ( in rock blue, Anna Sui purple and Elf pink)

Third tray: lipcolor x 4 (bronze gold, rose red, doll pink, jewel orange) and 1 lipbalm.

. Apparantly if you pre-order in Anna Sui Taiwan counters, you can optionally get your vanity engraved..lol.source: iswii.net

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Ahh I've been lemming that Anna Sui nail filer too.. I saw it online for about 30$US