Lancôme fall 2008- Maharani Jewels 「金燦幻彩」限量秋妝系列

Lancôme fall 2008- Maharani Jewels
LANCÔME 2008年「金燦幻彩」限量秋妝系列

Featuring influences of India- it appears that the Asian release will be different to Western releases, even the promo pictures are different!

This is the Asian promo...as expected, the bronzed look is not as popular in the Asia market so it will be a bronzed dark eye look with pale skin and just subtly contoured.

For the Western promo and more product links, please see

The French designer Alexis Mabille is behind this little gorgeousness! The Lotus Splendor. The design is a 3-D lotus blossom, when opened, the 3 petals will feature 2 eyecolors, 2 lipcolors and 2 mirrows.

Comes in two colors: #01 will be a more subtle sweet look, #02 will be stronger, darker colors.

I managed to get my hands on #01 as pre-release, will need to wait for it in the mail, cant wait!

NT1850, which is about $62USD, a tad pricy for the small size but given the extravagant design, I suppose that's how much most makeup brands would be charging for this.

法國設計師Alexis Mabille設計的「燦蓮彩盤」,外盒是立體蓮花花苞,打開時,三片花瓣是2種眼彩、2色唇彩,以及兩面鏡子。01炫彩珠光主打甜美妝感、02深邃流金則強烈深色系。


The Asian release features the following products:

Lotus Splendor palette, comes in two colors, (one pictured above, approximately USD62) - 金燦蓮彩盤 限定2色 NT$1,850

Poudre Elephant Teint , (I guess this is same as the Western palette- little gold palette with Elephant design) approximately USD48 - 恆河驕陽修容盤 NT$1,450

Kajal by Nature, approximately USD26 深邃大眼眼線筆 限定3色 NT$780

Colors: India Ink, Amber Night, and Smokey Henna.

Vernis Crème de Nacres (nail polish set in Cinnamon Plum and Saffron Rose) 泰姬瑪哈美甲組 NT$800

Juicy Tubes by Nature (typical Juicy tubes in 3 LE colors) 果凍亮唇蜜 限定3色 NT$700

Color Fever Dewy Shine lipsticks (in 2 LE colors) 玫瑰晨露光唇膏 限定2色 NT$880






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Elvira said...

That Lotus Splendor palette is to die for! I much prefer the pale skin smoky eyes look rather than all over bronze anyway. Sigh: If Only the Asian Releases were easy to get in the States. I am sooo jealous of you...as always! You must post a picture when you receive it!