Kiehl's Creme de Corp Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish with luffa fruit and jojoba butter review

What a long name, basically this is a body scrub from Kiehl's creme de corp line (which was my favorite body moisturiser for a while- it is probably the most nourishing and non-irritating body moisturiser for me for the last 8 years).

The soy & milk honey body polish contains luffa fruit and jojoba butter, which is actually rather evident from the product itself. It's in a plastic squeeze tube, 200ml size and retails for 30USD.

active ingredient:

Comes in a flip open cap- which is ok, but sometimes water do get trapped in the cap opening since I leave it in the shower.

It's a lightly creamy yellow product- not as buttery yellow as the creme de corp body moisturiser itself. 

Spreaded- as you can see a little goes a long way. In fact 2 pea size is probably enough for my whole arm (provided a tad of water is added while I massage it in).

 It doesn't foam, but it does maintain a nice consistency that is non scratchy as you massage it in with a few more drops of water. You can see there are smaller 'bead' looking granules and some longer looking strands (which is the luffa fruit fibre). The granule reminds me a lot of other hydrogenated jojoba bead type of scrubs (e.g. Peter thomas roth botanical scrubbing beads or the Ren face scrub). However this one has a bit more ommph for added exfoliation properties (never feels scratchy or jagged on the skin though).

Adding even more water- you can see it almost emulsify a little:

Rinsed off- left with supple , well exfoliated yet moisturised skin.

Of course you should always still moisturise after using a body scrub - however with this one I love it for summer- sometimes I find I can go with 2 days without moisturising the body and still have smooth skin, as it does seem to leave skin rather healthy and not overly exfoliated. 

Thumbs up for this product- I secretly hoped it smells like milk and honey, but it smells really like just maybe soy or oats with a tad of sweetness sort of comforting scent. Not complaining though because I'd rather a lightly scented product than something that smells really artificial.

I only need to use this about once a week and I'm good for rest of the week. A little goes a long way too so there's really nothing to complain about when it comes to the $30USD pricetag (because I know if I use a cheaper $10 scrub I might go through 2 or 3 bottles a year, but this tube alone probably last me 6 months minimum). It's not a miracle worker (like the initial sensation you might get from those microdermabrasion crystal type of scrubs), but it is a nice , solid staple item.

I have moderately dry and sensitive skin with a few localised patches of my skin such as behind the knee is prone to eczema (but have controlled it well and haven't really had major flare ups in a few years already).

rating 5/5.

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