Hada Labo (Mentholatum) Super Hyaluronic acid Gokujyun Cleansing Oil review

Continuing on my review on the Hada Labo line of items, here's a review of the cleansing oil from the Gokujyun line (which is the hydrating/ moisturising line with hyaluronic acid as the key ingredient in most product in the line).

It comes in a plastic pump bottle, 200ml, retails for between 15-22USD depending on where you purchased it in Asia. The cleansing oil is meant to be olive oil based, hence the translucent yellow.

Comes in a pump dispenser, which is perfect for use. The suggested amount for full face makeup removal is 2-3 pumps. I usually do 1 -2 pumps depending on whether I'm wearing heavier makeup or not. Two pumps for me is quite plenty for a pleasant massage (without it dripping everywhere).

Here's a quick makeup removal test- on the right is MAC Black Swan pearl glide liner, on the left and bottom is Shu Uemura ME Brown eye liner pencil.

I applied some cleansing oil on it, you can see it's pretty much clear on the skin. It's not a thick oil or super watery and runny, just a nice cleansing oil consistency, which was a nice surprise because given the olive oil base I just expected it to be really thick.

Massaged in  below, no water added yet:

I added a few drops of water- you can see it quickly emulsifies, and removes every last trace of the eyeliner. Both eyeliners have tiny shimmers which is a common issue with clean makeup removal.

Patted dry- perfect removal!

Overall I was really pleasantly surprised , it definitely surpassed some of the other cleansing oils I was using from more expensive Japanese store brands. I think it is as good as Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil- both feel like low irritating and highly effective makeup removal products and even though I always follow both cleansing oil with another foaming cleanser (for peace of mind), I actually think you don't really need to. 

Both cleansing oil leaves skin lightly hydrated and not overly stripped of moisture. The Hada Labo one has no distinctive scent either, emulsifies quickly and easily, rinses off completely.

If I'm wearing a light eye makeup (mascara and a non stubborn eyeliner), sometimes I just use the Hada Labo cleansing oil instead of using a separate eye makeup remover. It does leave my eyes slightly cloudy (same as Fancl though), but nothing a few more splashes of water won't fix. (Both do not sting my eye though, just that slightly cloudy effect).

The only thing to note that this cleansing oil does say use with dry skin- while the Fancl one can tolerate wet hand application. I've stick with the Hada Labo instruction but a few times where I did have slightly wet palms , it still removed makeup fine.

Overall 5/5, great pricing, easy to use, non irritating, great staple product.

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