Sofina Vital Rich UV Cut Milk (Sunscreen) review/ swatch

 Sofina Vital Rich UV Cut Milk has SPF24, PA+++, 30ml , housed in a white bottle with pink cap and gold trim, it has a metal or plastic ball inside so you can shake before use. The applicator is a thin nozzle tip squeeze type bottle which is very convenient and accrurately deposits amount you need.

When the Japanese say 'Milk' it usually just means liquid moisturiser or runny lotion. Basically this is a moisturising sunscreen. (Vital Rich is from the Sofina line for mature ages, not sure if it's still around but they constantly revamp the lines and call it different names even though products are more or less the same).

It's a liquidpaper consistency white liquid, it's not like normal moisturiser, there's just something unique about Sofina's signature sunscreen. It's not oily feeling or thick or too runny.

Spreaded out:

Fully blended in: does not leave a white cast, instead it leaves a very comfortable, protective thin layer that doesn't feel oily or greasy, just feels perfect for the Australian cold dry winters.

I love Sofina sunscreens (I know some people may be sensitive to their signature sunscreens due to the formula or the finish). They never clog my pores, provides adequate sun protection, and comes in a huge variety of different moisutrising properties or SPF ratings.

Overall 5/5.

Only drawback is this is just SPF24, obviously intended for winter use and relatively low sun protection. (There's a big hole in the ozone layer near Australia so sunscreen is pretty seriousl business here).

I've used this once during a ski trip where the snow was really glarey and reflective. I didn't find this to be adequate and I did turn a bit red, but not sunburnt, after a full day outdoors. (it's quite deceptive how much sun light you get from the snow!).

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