Jill Stuart 2011 Spring- 05 Romantic Onyx, 06 Little Anemone blush

Jill Stuart 2011 Spring features a range of usual Jill Stuart shades- romantic pinks (actually it's quite curious why almost every single eyeshadow palette has pinks in them...), but the blushes are fantastic! the newly revamped loose powder blush now comes in gorgeous portable compacts (they used to be in the old upright bulkier containers, albeit quite pretty on the dressing table too!)

Here is Jewel Crystal Eyes #05 Romantic Onyx eyeshadow palette, contains a shimmering moon-white, a soft pale pink, a mid-pink rose and a grey-charcoal - not quite fully black but deep enough.

Everything's so princessy with Jill Stuart! The eyeshadows are sort of jewel toned shimmery- I know those who prefer ultra finely milled eyeshadows might complain these are slightly crumbly or something- I still feel these are best worn at night when you need some romantic glam.

Here's the #06 Little Anemone loose powder blush duo:

The loose powder is under an in-built fabric-like sifter ( hence those little holes)- there's also a removable plastic clear sheet that you should keep on top of the sifter, then you close the lid and that should keep the loose powder in place during transit (even so I'm still a bit scared to take this blush out! spillage will not be pretty).
#06 little anemone is a soft pale pink highlighter (probably not enough to show up as a blush color on its own), the other side is a feminine soft pink rose. I think it's featured in the campaign ad this round. You are meant to either blend the colors together to get a pink blush glow, or you can use the highlighter shade separately for highlighting on bridge of nose, cheekbones, brows etc.

The brush comes with each blush! it's a retractable silver brush (with a pink jewel studded on the side) with the most adorable silver bow charm on the side. Unlike the pressed powder blushes that comes with brushes attached to the compact, these come separate!

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