Shu Uemura Shimmer Eye liner 01 black review/ swatch

Shu Uemura shimmer eye liner was released in 2009 I think. They don't seem to be part of the permanent line.
I got the shade in #01 Black.

It's a twist pen mechanism which will release more liner liquid when you twist the end. It is in a brush bristle tip which is somewhat firm. But the end is quite fine.

Here it is on the skin. Personally there's barely any shimmer so it's just a plain black eyeliner liquid with very few flecks of fine shimmers.

Compared to Kanebo Kate's ultra fine eyeliner below (the tube for kate is a bit battered from my handbag! lol).  The top one is Shu and bottom is kate.

Personally I tend to tightline and only need an ultra fine line, I do like lining on the top too but for both jobs, Kanebo Kate eyeliner does a much better job. I find the Shu Uemura liner just not quite black enough and hard to control the width of the eyeline on application.

Overall 3/5. Might work better for those who do a more obvious line, but I don't find it oustanding in terms of color, application or longlasting. It will smudge a bit by end of the day.

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