RMK Nail Color EX - P17 Cherry

RMK released its new nail color range in 2010- with easily about 30 colors, and since then each seasonal collection also features specially limited edition nailpoilsh shades. (if it's limited edition it will have an "EX" in front of the number code).

P17's "P" denotes for Pearl finish I think, there's also other various finishes like creme and metallic and Holographic (which isn't really holographic but more like a shimmer).

P17 Cherry- as the name suggest (RMK is generally true to color names) - is a brightening (without being too bright and garish) summery cherry splash of red. It's looks really juicy and clean on the nails.

I know it shows like there's some flecks of shimmer, I think they are really subtle silver flecks, so on the nails you cant really see obvious shimmers- it's more there to make sure the red is not just a flat color. You have to look really close to my nails to see any trace of the silver shimmer.

It's 12ml, RRP 1500 Yen. Comes in a very solid and lovely glass packaging, square base.

Sorry I only took the photos after about 3 days so it's showing some tip wear ( unfortunately seche vite topcoat is giving me a lot of shrinkage at the edge too).

The finish, consistency is comparable to OPI (I suppose it's almost as expensive too when I'm thinking about it in terms of AUD RRP price).

You can find RMK in most Asian countries like Taiwan, HK and Japan. Not sure which online stores carry this- I would guess try ebay or ichibankao.com

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