Essie Tennis Corset nail polish

I've somehow slowly accumulated over 100 bottles of nailpolish once I stumbled upon the MUA nailboard (http://www.makeupalley.com/). I'm quite happy to say that hopefully I've mastered taking manicure photos and accurate nail swatches by now, which finally helped with taking makeup item pics =D First mani review will go to Essie Tennis corset- I believe this was a 2006/2007 release. It's a beautiful sheer to medium-sheer ivory based polish with tiny flecks of gold sparkles (small shimmers, not glitters, the shimmers also reflect pink and a pale golden green at different angles). I need to apologise to this polish! I've previously worn it multiple times in two coats, (how I normally do 99% of my manis), and never liked it much- it turned out to be too sheer and the golden sparkles makes my nails seemed yellow. I've also tried layering it as a coat on other polishes, still didn't like it- one coat doesn't give enough shimmers to the underlying base color. Then finally, last night I did a 3 coat manicure since I was sitting in front of my laptop waiting for some downloads to finish and had plenty of time to kill. Wow it was exactly what I wanted, an clean, ivory tip with subtle elegant gold sparkles. The 3 coats give enough opacity to the ivory base to make the gold shimmers not become neutral. Makes my fingers look lean and very clean, polished, great for the office! Pics: Indoor, flash, macro, 3 coats, no base coat, topcoat was Seche vite.

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Essie 在台灣好像比較少看到, 在國外它跟OPI 差不多是屬於沙龍常看到的牌子, 色系沒OPI那麼鮮艷, 淺色系蠻多的, 要不就是鮮紅豔橘亮粉紅, 偶爾有些深色系的, (OPI 可能有些特殊一點的顏色). 在國外的價錢跟OPI差不多, 可能便宜一點點.

這色是'Tennis Corset', 透亮象牙白帶著均勻的金色碎亮粉(沒到亮片那麼大), 比較透一點的安全色, 不過最大的問題是他的金色亮粉會有時讓指甲看起來有點黃~ 皮膚偏黃的要注意些.

我的指甲上擦三層, 外加Seche Vite的快乾top coat.

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