Chantecaille Protected Paradise Face compact/ 香緹卡「等待保護的天堂」海洋眼彩盒與海洋粉彩盒

Chantecaille Protected Paradise Face Compact was a 2008 limited edition launch for environmental protection awareness. This baby retails at a whopping $3600NT in Taiwan(approximately 126AUD) and a more 'afforadable' $90USD. I got this for a tad cheaper than US rrp but my wallet is still hurting..

It comes with a pretty coral pink satin pouch, unboxed, and the compact is shiny silver like other Chantecaille items but a lot thicker and bigger.

Opening up the compact...

Close up picture of the compact... a bit flashed out but it's beautiful isn't it...I'm really quite impressed by the more and more intricate surface designs on cosmetic products...first it was the less fancy things like 5 striped compact (Bobbi brown shimmerbricks)...then eventually it's something as beautiful as this! As with lots of beautifully designed compacts like these, the top layer has a shimmer spray that wears off, but it also means the product itself is a bit more wearable as a normal blush and not as shimmery throughout. It's a champagne pinked coral blush, with color gradation. Very finely milled.

The bottom compartment is an aerated section for putting puff or brush. Mine came with nothing, not sure whether there was meant to be a free puff or anything contained inside, for $90USD I thought there would be!

香緹卡「等待保護的天堂」海洋眼彩盒與海洋粉彩盒 , NT3,600.

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