IPSA Skin Beauty Lipstick S2 review/ swatch

IPSA is one of those Japanese brands that never seems to be getting much discussion other than outside of Japan...even though it's sold in Taiwan and Hong Kong etc, I still ever hardly read reviews on these.

So I felt obliged to introduce at least a few things I've tried at some point- this is probably from an earlier collection, it's the Skin beauty lipsticks, RRP3000 Yen and comes in a twist up tube a bit like Cle de peau's version which cost an arm and a leg, or the Dior serum de rouge.

Like the Cle de peau and Dior counterparts, it's a very soft, creamy and glossy consistency.

The shade "S2" looks like a medium muted pink in the tube:

However on the skin you can see how creamy and pigmented it is- it glides on like melted butter.

It has amazing coverage- however it's almost too creamy for me- it went on my lips a bit too opaque and because the color is probably not a great match to my skintone, it just looked a bit too mature/ serious- like a medium soft pink with a hint of maroon undertone.  It seemed a little bit darker applied than in the tube.

Actually my thoughts were the consistency and finish reminded me a lot of YSL's Rouge Volupte formulas (the original, super creamy opaque versions).

Compared to Cle de peau and Dior, those ones have a slightly more 'natural' finish (though I do have a CDP one which is shade 116 or something which looks a lot similar to this and a tad darker in shade that is equally not very wearable on me ). But my general impression is it's easier to wear the CDP and Dior colors. The IPSA skin beauty ones are just a tad too creamy on me and not a really 'natural' lip look I prefer.

It's unscented and fragrance free. I would recommend trying these before purchase.

Rating is 3/5.

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