Anna Sui Nail Color N Ongles #310 review/ swatches

Here's a nail of the day post again. Today I'm wearing Anna Sui's nail color N in shade #310. 

It looks like a gorgeous soft pink with a touch of rose in the bottle, it looks slightly cool toned, almost like there's a tiniest hint of mauve.

As usual it comes in Anna Sui's signature design bottles (Anna Sui has changed the bottle design numerous times in recent years and I'm beginning to lose track of what it looks like nowadays! for Christmas holiday collections or other limited editions, she often comes out with yet another bottle design unique to the collection as well).

The handle has rose print on the top.

Here's a quick swatch with two coats of the polish. One coat was a bit uneven, which is common for polishes in this color family and finish. 

The finish is a semi translucent creme, its not a full opaque creme but it gives an even coverage appearance with two coats.

It looks all pretty and very spring-like color. It's not all that unique, but I can't exactly think of dupes either. Though if you ever buy any Japanese nail polishes there are tonnes of various pinks in this family so you don't necessarily need to resort to Anna Sui brand either.

The brush is sort of small/medium sized, it's quite average, not as easy to apply as OPI prowide brushes, but not particularly bad either.

As with most Anna Sui polishes, she adds a lot of rose scent into the polish, even after days you can still smell the signature rose scent on your nail tip (not sure if it's that a great thing because it would indicate a lot of scent additive).

I think there's micro shimmers in this, in the same color as the polish base, but almost non existent once applied on the nails. It does help the color with a bit  more glow but doesn't make it a shimmer finish or anything, it's still clearly in the translucent creme shade category.

Overall rating 4/5, it's nice to keep and a rather 'clean' looking pink against my skintone. However not unique enough to spend full RRP on (probably about 15-20USD in Asia).

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