MAC Together-ness, Making it Easy and Calm, Cool and collected mineralize eyeshadow Trios review/ swatch

MAC in the groove collection was probably quite popular back when it first came out in 2010- the mineralised eyeshadow trios and mineralised blushes all offered an array of colors in a single compact at a decent price.

Here are quick swatches of three of the trios:


Features: - pale pink lilac, extremely pale, on velvet side with very light iridescence, not really shimmery.
- Greyed-blue based lavender, it's almost like a navy purple , again, it's shiny but not shimmery or metallic
- Medium charcoaled grey, applies like a true grey, not very dark

Making It Easy
- peach beige, looks more matte than the other shades.
- middle is champagne peach, still a neutral peach and not too warm. it's more shimmery than the other 2 shades.
- right is a coppered brick (not so red as to turn into brick red). can be a bit harder to wear.

 Calm cool collected- sorry I must have misplaced the product pictures!
- off-white with a tinge of green, the green is really subtle (not sure if it was intended to have green inside, might just be because the other two sides pigment migrated on this side).
- shimmery grassy green, it's not really yellow based so looks like a neutral green. it's more shimmery than the other two shades, again, the shimmer is pretty subtle.
- Mossy green, it's medium-dark but not blackened, it's very winter sort of green, a bit forest green.

swatch only:

Overall I don't really any of them are must haves- the pigmentation vary and the finish is not really as silky as I like. Some of the metallic sparkles are uneven and sparse.

Rating 2.5/5

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