Orbis Nail Color Series #8751 Passion Berry review/ swatch

I was giving my nails a bit of a rest with polishes, but here I go again. Today I'm wearing the Orbis nail color series in shade #8751, English color name is 'Passion Berry', which is described as a red berry with gold pearls.

Everytime I try one of my Orbis nail colors (still have many untried ones), I always get a pleasant surprise with the quality- they are on par with OPI polishes, smooth, longwearing, solid colors, no streaks and good wear. I find the brush heads to be easy to handle for precision application as well (i.e. I can watch TV while applying this rather quickly).

In the bottle it looks like a pinked-red berry with subtle gold pearls. I call them pearls as they are really fine and can't really be called shimmers. Yet the gold pearling is there, so there's a gold base rather than just an iridescence. 

As with most Orbis products they come in minimalistic packaging:

Here it is below, with two coats, I didn't really purposely apply a thinner or thicker coat, just two standard coats. Base coat is Paul & Joe and top coat is Coffret D'or topcoat (which isn't as fast drying as seche vite, but has a nice gloss , easy spreadbility and is still rather dry in 20 minutes).

I think this pic below is a bit too much flash so paler than in real life

When the shade is indoors under white light it's a bit more red than pink, like the picture below. I would call it more like a creme-pink-berry rose with gold pearls. The color is full, and bright without being too bold, it's such a pretty shade for spring and summer. The gold pearling does wonders- it's similar finish to OPI Love Me Tender polish (in terms of the gold pearl), the base color is definitely differently though 

Overall rating 4/5, it applies so nicely, only mark deducted is really for my own color preference, I prefer the look in my first few photos (more a softer pink rose), than in real life where the base color can look a bit more like a bolder pink-rose.

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